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SP Colostrum

  • Dra. Sylvia Probst

    Who is?

    Dr. Sylvia Probst is a Dentist at the Central University of Venezuela (UCV) with a Postgraduate in Functional Orthopedics of Maxilares (1979) and one in Homeopathy at the Hahnnemann School (2003)

  • His story

    At an early age, she was affected by a strong mercury contamination and subsequently acrylic in the exercise of her profession as a dentist, which led her to present health problems such as pulmonary emphysema despite never having smoked.

  • Healing

    So, in the hands of his mentor, Dr Keshava Bhat PhD in Botany, he dedicated himself to learning on healthy integral feeding and management of plants medicinal.

  • Detoxification

    Thanks to Dr. Bhat's health guidelines, Dr. Sylvia managed to detoxify her organism, Balance your health and have two children.

    This improvement in her state of health, which gave her life a twist, motivated Dr. Sylvia to found a Project "NEW LIFE" II, C.A. whose flagship product is, precisely, what that helped his detoxification: the BOVINE COLOSTRUM

  • This is how the New Life II Project was born 8 years ago.

    That has the objective of promoting the quality of life of the people through the practice of healthy habits, in line with the intake of Bovine Colostrum 100% PURE , without excipients.

  • Why Calostro?

    The CALOSTRUM (ES) / COLOSTRUM (ENG) is the first substance nutritious secrete by mammary glands of mammals at calving. IT'S NOT MILK.

  • What is it for?

    This primary food is attributed the power to stimulate and develop the immune system. Promoting the regeneration of tissues, as well as the correct regulation of cellular function.

  • What is it made of?

    Mostly antibodies that have the function of fighting agents causing diseases such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites.

  • It can be taken by a human?

    It has been shown that cow colostrum (bovine colostrum) is perfectly assimilated by the organism of all others mammals, in addition to containing 40 extra immune factors that the one of the humans.

  • Be part of our history

    "Our goal is to guide people so that they can achieve, through a change of lifestyle, an improvement and healing not only physical, but also psychological and spiritual."